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Our Company

Our company specializes 5 years in reconstruction, repair and electrical maintenance, construction and remodeling of overhead distribution networks for electricity of medium and low voltage. We also perform complementary works and electromechanical assemblies such as assemblies for hydraulic and thermal power stations, power substations, heating, refrigeration and cooling assemblies lifts, sub transmission lines and power transmission. We also provide consulting services studies, supervision and management of electrical projects. We sell electrical products, new distribution and power transformers.


asistencia_urgenciasElectricity at home

The use of electricity in modern life is essential. A society can hardly be conceived without the use of electricity. The electricity industry, through technology, has made available on the company for use of electrical appliances that facilitate housework, making life more pleasant.

Machines or appliances that provide us comfort at home, saving time and decrease in the number of tasks are called appliances.

Among the most widely used in home appliances will quote: electric stove, refrigerator, toaster, microwave, blender, dishwasher, hairdryer, etc.

There is also another type of artifacts that provide us with entertainment, fun, and are also tools and sources of information such as the TV, stereo, video games, computers, etc.


 electricidadImport005Electricity in the community

Electricity in the community is manifested, among others, through: public lighting in squares, parks, highways, tunnels, roads, etc., in order to provide security and visibility to pedestrians and better development of automotive traffic in hours night; traffic lights on public roads can regulate and control the flow of vehicles.

Also in the media appreciate the importance of electricity, since the operation of radio, television, film, broadcast of the press, etc. It depends largely on this type of energy. You would check other important company like Electrician Near Me.

Since electricity was discovered, was always at the service of medicine through the various instruments and machines used in this area (equipment for radiation of cobalt, X-ray equipment, equipment for CT scans, equipment for electrocardiograms, etc.), and he has contributed to numerous advances in science and research. If you need other services that are not related to electricians be sure to check Nearmefinds.

Various tools and machines that run on electricity are employed in our community to repair or renovate our computers, etc.


Some important associations:

The ideals and beliefs of ASA are ethical and equitable business practices, quality construction, a safe and healthy work environment, integrity and membership diversity.

BICSI is the worldwide association for cabling design and installation professionals.

The worldwide membership that supports EPRI’s work and mission comprises more than 1,000 organizations. While most members are electric utilities, many are firms, government agencies, corporations, or public or private entities engaged in some aspect of the generation, delivery or use of electricity.

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