And you, what can you do to stop climate change?

And you, what can you do to stop climate change?

And you, what can you do to stop climate change?

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energySpend less energy produced by oil, coal or gas yuda reduce the amount of greenhouse gases (GHGs) that are released into the atmosphere, and combat climate change.

Check out these tips to bear Celsius gives you so you can save energy and, following them, become the guardian of energy!


In the kitchen

  • Note that your parents clog pans to cook, so the heat does not escape and is maximized.
  • Advise your parents, grandparents, uncles and relatives who buy stoves that work with gas and no electricity.
  • Did you know that the refriegerador is the device most utliza energy ?, so it is important not to leave their doors open for a long time and not place it near the stove.


Spotlights and electronic equipment

  • Many appliances like TV, DVD players and mp3, cell phone chargers, cameras and others continue to consume energy even when off. If you are not using better unplug them.
  • Have you noticed how are the sources of your house? If they are bulb means they spend a lot of energy and produce more heat than light. Insist your parents to gradually change these foci by so-called “savers”.
  • Another way to save energy is to turn off the lights do not use. See that no lights on in empty rooms.
  • Do not buy equipment operating with batteries or, well, use rechargeable batteries. And when they no longer serve, not mix with garbage, take them to the appropriate containers.


  • Cars emit large amounts of CO2. If you have classmates who live near your home, try to put yourself in agreement with them to get together.
  • Try to use public transport.
  • If you’re going to walk short distances better walk or use your bike. Search your parents and brothers / sisters do the same, it is a great opportunity to live and exercise as a family.
  • Insist your parents to check their car and keep it in good condition.



Saving water is also save energy. For water to reach our house needs to be removed, intubate and spend a lot of energy to reach us from distant places.

  • Turn off the water when brushing your teeth or use only a glass of water.
  • To bathe not leave the water running while soaping and tries to give you a quick swim. You can put a short song and finish your bath while the song.



One way to reduce the amount of waste we generate is watch what we eat.

  • Before buying something really think about it if you need to.
  • Avoid products with many envelopes you’ll end up throwing away.
  • When you go to the supermarket with your family not forget to bring a cloth bag not to use plastic bags.
  • To bring your lunch to school uses containers that can use many times instead of disposable packaging.
  • Do not waste paper. Talk to your teachers / as to allow you to deliver your work sheets reuse, explain that in addition to saving energy will be taking care of the forests that help us regulate the temperature of the planet.



  • Do your homework in the afternoon so you will use natural light.
  • If you have opportunity choose to play outdoors instead of staying at home watching TV or video games.
  • Help at home to hang clothes outdoors instead of using the dryer.

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