Daily energy expenditure

Daily energy expenditure

Daily energy expenditure

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The electricity bill is a concern in most Spanish homes. The aim is to save and austere make proper use of electricity that would reduce consumption, although there are a number of devices with an annual fixed charge and whose consumption cost us more down, although it is possible.


If you have a equipped with standard features such as a refrigerator, washing machine and dishwasher, the annual expenditure to generate these three appliances as a whole kitchen will be a minimum average payout of at least 101 dollars, which could be up to 247 dollars in the event that these three devices more than eight years. If you also have dryer, spending increases by 43 dollars a year if the device is new, and up to 97 dollars if you have more than eight years.


The air conditioning is very useful during the hot months, but also a significant outlay: 36 per year in the case of new devices and up to 121 dollars a year if you have more than eight years.


The computer has long been an everyday item, but also a major expense, of between 32 and 90 dollars a year, to which must be added the rate of Internet access and other options.
Even keep clean housing does not come out at all cheap. Vacuuming out for between 32 and 63 dollars a year depending on the type of appliance.


Rate what you need equipment, its uses, utility costs involved and make bills. always keep in mind the consumption and use adapts to your budget. Knowing what you consume each appliance is easier to save on the electricity bill.



Saving Tips

But if you want to save on the electric bill, note, moreover, these five basic tips OCU, and look especially at stand by of devices, because sometimes this mode consumes more energy than if the appliance was connected:


Make the most of natural light.


Regulates the air conditioning and heating; 22 ° C in winter and 25 ° C in summer are comfort temperatures. During the warm months, awnings, blinds and curtains help keep the house cool without energy expenditure.
Avoid leaving appliances on standby or load in excess. If the battery is charged, unplug the charger.


Opt for the most efficient appliances and use them well. Wait to fill the washing machine or dishwasher, for example; do not submit half load.
Invest in isolating your house. Good insulating windows help save a lot of energy.

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