Emergency Service Electric

Electrical Emergencies service includes assistance in a period of less than 3 hours from the announcement, by an electrical emergency in the customer’s address in case of power failure in the home or one of its dependencies.

The service covers, in case of emergency electrical power grid the Customer deprivation, the cost of repair by an authorized Iberdrola, up to the limit set in the particular conditions installer. intervention is guaranteed within a period of less than 3 hours from receipt of the notice by the Customer. There are no franchises and a grace period of one month is established from the entry into force of energy supply contract to which this service is associated.
Urge means an unexpected and sudden event in the domestic power grid, which can lead to the absence of electricity throughout the house or one of its dependencies, excluding garages, storage rooms, annexes, swimming pools and outdoor lighting.

The exclusive power grid Customer is defined in the Low Voltage Electrotechnical Regulations, Royal Decree 842/2002 of 2 August 2002, excluding the property network of the residents.

It is included in the service coverage:
Displacement, parts, labor and taxes, with the annual limit specified in the particular conditions, unlimited interventions. When the replacement of sockets, switches and other devices necessary to repair the damage, are replaced by standard elements installer decision, unless the Customer provide, at its expense, spare parts different. the aesthetic correction within the home environment of the parts used in the repair is not guaranteed.
Warranty of six (6) months in all interventions.


Extra services:

  • Repair of appliances, electronics, computers, air conditioners, pumps, heaters, motors, fans, generators, solar panels, antennas and any integrated or not in the housing facilities electrical appliance.
  • The repair or replacement of elements for lighting, such as lamps, bulbs or fluorescent tubes.
  • Repair of measuring elements when they are owned electricity distribution company.
  • Repair electrical faults that occur outside of custodial facilities Customer as described above.
  • consequential damage due to total or partial lack of power.
  • Damage caused intentionally by you or with their connivance.
  • Those in which it not found any fault.
  • Those in which the fault does not meet the conditions that qualify as an emergency.
  • In commercial or industrial facilities and in general, which do not correspond to housing to which the contract relates.
  • Services the Customer has carried out or contracted on their own, unless they have been previously authorized by Iberdrola.
  • Repair of facilities that do not meet current standards at the time of its completion.


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