The price of electricity can go up by 40%

The price of electricity can go up by 40%

The price of electricity can go up by 40%

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As the saying goes, what joy little hard at poor. And the remarkable drop in the price of electricity we have experienced in recent months, was just a mirage.

It is possible that in the coming months experience a notable rise in the price that we erase the smile from his face. Then from Installer Electrician, we explain the key factors in these comings and goings in the price of light.

First, we must consider that the light has fallen by 24% last February due to the extraordinary conditions of rain and wind. Thus, the price of MWh stood at 27.5 euros. Despite this, our bill has only experienced a decline of 8%.

To this we must add, that many consumers who have been enjoying this fall in prices. Because due to the type of contracted bill and conditions set pay a certain price.
Experts point to a disproportionate increase in the price of MWh.

All great companies share opinion, the price of MWh will fire in the coming months. Experts suggest that to the winds and rains will affect the price of MWh up from the current 27.5 at a price that ranges between 40 and 50 euros.

Fortunately, as in the case of our invoice price cuts will not be seen as strongly affected. And it is that 75% of the costs of the bill are fixed taxes and are not affected by changing circumstances. However, if you suffer a significant change for which the price of our bill will be increased by about 13%.

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